Can Higher Education Be Free?

Education is a basic need in society. Be it entry-level education or higher education, it is essential not just for personal growth but for overall development as well. As you grow your knowledge, you will be able to excel in your professional career. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to pursue higher education in any field.

Apart from that, people from all over the world have acknowledged the importance of higher education. Whether it is medicine, hospitality, social care, business administration, or the education industry, a higher education degree is essential for all.

However, no one can ignore the cost of higher education. So, it is another obstacle people have to face to get a degree. That is why we will discuss whether education should be free or not.

Should Education Be Free Of Any Cost?

It is clear that higher education will keep you in the long run. As you go through the details of the course, you will learn more about it. As a result, you will gather knowledge more quickly than anyone with less education. The same thing will show results in your professional field. So, if you wonder why the pay scales are different, the educational qualification is the reason.

In short, you have a clear idea about why higher education is necessary. Now, let us explain why it needs to be free.

  • For The Betterment Of The Society

Educated people lead society. And society has people from all groups with different educational qualifications. As a result, when they are addressed for something, they perceive it differently. As a result, the overall output becomes different as well.

However, with proper education, the problem can be solved. Everyone in society will understand the importance of the decisions taken.

  • Enhances Willpower Of Your Workforce

Higher education leads to a better knowledge of both work and societal culture. That is why organizations prefer employees with higher education. As the employees have quality education, they will have better input on their job. The entire outcome of their work will help to build the overall work culture.

  • Economic Growth

Economic growth is severely dependent on education. The statistics show that a huge number of students have education loans on their backs. As a result, when they graduate, they have to pay back the education loan along with the interest. Followed by that, the students will face a delay in buying their home, paying for other necessities, etc.

By cutting the fees for higher education, the student will be able to lead their life properly. As a result, the overall economic growth of the country will rise without the debt.

  • Equality Factors

Students must maintain a steady stream of funds to cover their tuition because the financial crisis is a significant factor in education. However, the free flow of money is a dream for many. And that is why many bright students drop their dream of joining a college for higher education.

If education becomes free, meritorious students won’t have to give up on their studies. They can pursue quality education and get a job in a reputed field. This will help them change their lifestyle and lead a healthy life as well.

  • More Focused

As education becomes free, students do not have to worry about their education anymore. They can leave the tension of fees behind and focus on studying. It will not just enhance the student’s overall knowledge. Apart from that, many students work in their free time to gather money for higher education. Sometimes, the students don’t even have enough money to pay the rent and food. Still, they save money for college.

However, by making higher education free, the students don’t have to drain themselves. On top of that, they will get time to study and learn better, along with proper sleep, which will keep them healthy.

So, higher education for free is a very effective result in the long run. However, implementing the same is highly controversial.

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